Glacier Valley Transit provides bus service in Girdwood, Alaska.

GVT is private a non-profit, 501c (3), corporation; donations to GVT are tax deductible.  GVT is funded by  5311 Rural Transportation grant funds from the Federal Transit Authority and The Alaska Department of Transportation.

How to Ride

  • The seats in the front of the bus are reserved for senior citizens and disabled passengers.
  • Please keep your equipment under control with sharp points and edges pointed down and away from other riders. When boarding the buses, please allow exiting passengers off first.
  • Please remain seated until the bus has stopped, then hold onto the rails when heading down the steps out the door.
  • No food, drink or pets allowed.
  • Passengers with disabilities may request modifications to current service procedures to access the service. To make a request, please call us at 907-382-9909 or e-mail us at Please submit requests at least the day before the trip.
  • All buses are wheel chair accessible. Lifts have a capacity of 600-800 pounds. Please call a day ahead to schedule if you wheel chair requires the 800 lb lift.

Glacier Valley Transit benefits everyone in the Girdwood community!

  • We provide an affordable and reliable travel choice that helps reduce traffic and increase economic activity.
  • We enhance the mobility of Girdwood by delivering workers, residents and visitors to their destinations.
  • We contribute to the economic vitality of Girdwood. Studies show that for every dollar invested in local public transportation, nearly five dollars of economic benefits are returned to the community.